OEEm Industrial Data Aquisition System

OEEM Industrial Data Acquisition System is designed and distributed by Digitop Informatika Ltd.
The OEEm system provides a clear overview of the production procedures and products. By creating a direct communication between the machines and administrative operation systems, the OEEm provides a tool for the users to better measure productivity.

Key features of the OEEm system:

Built in Capability to directly connect to any large wall display upon request.

Based on our extensive research and field tests, the following characteristics are key to increase production efficiency:

The OEEm system maximizes the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) indicators by monitoring the production and efficiency.

The OEEm system provides real time data on, product count, orders, non-compliance products and other production indicators per machine/line of machine and per employee. With the various reports that are available in the OEEm system’s centralized surface, real time data analysis can be performed per individual products, product families, machines, shifts and seasons. These analyses can reveal inefficiencies in the production such as extended machine idle time, and root cause of scrapped products and machine breakdown. The OEEm system monitors the production flow in relation to each phase providing a chronological timeframe for them on one surface. With this system there is no need to wait until the end of each shift to analyze the data. Inefficiencies can be identified at any of the production stages, so appropriate action can be taken to improve efficiency by the end of the shift.

Two sourced real time data from:

It is important to emphasize that setting up the program by itself is not enough to increase productivity. The users need to define concrete goals and targets, analyze data according to these goals and targets, and go back to modify necessary processes to achieve the established goals and targets. The OEEm is “only” a tool for users to optimize the production.

The main beneficiaries of the OEEm are companies with significant manual machining in their manufacturing.

These companies usually have 50-2000 employees or 5-350 million EUR annual revenue.

The OEEm system:

  • helps to identify areas in the production that might cause inefficiency (i.e.: machine idle time, non-compliance product analysis, cycle count measurement)
  • delivers real time production analysis
  • provides centralized platform with real time data for decision making
  • supports the quality management system with various production data

The result of the OEEm system is:

  • increased revenue
  • elimination of unnecessary production development
  • avoid extensive use of human resources

The direct benefit of these factors are increased SAVINGS and PROFIT!


Industries where our OEEm system is applied successfully:

Furniture over 35 million EUR human capital: 540
Automobile over   8 million EUR human capital: 470
Tire over 10 million EUR human capital: 120


There is a company with 40 million EUR, human capital 600 was able to achieve 15% increase in productivity by using the OEEm system. Their estimated saving in the last 3 years is more than 2,7 million EUR.

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