Downtime Reason Analysis Leads to Supplier Change

Downtime Reason Analysis Leads to Supplier Change


The Importance of Downtime Reason Analysis

The OEEm industrial data collection system is able to record the downtimes and their causes that occur during production using the operator panel mounted on the production machine. After the end of the production cycle, the system first classifies the elapsed seconds into a default downtime category. If a new cycle does not start after a predefined time (e.g. 1 minute), the operator must select from the reasons visible on the panel why the machine is stopped. This module of the OEEm system is called the downtime reason manager.

Downtime Analysis at a Company in Sopron

At this company, the OEEm system was introduced in 2012. When the supervisors started to analyze the downtime reasons of the production machines, the percentage and total downtime of the "machine failure/tool breakage" downtime reason was outstanding for one machine.

The investigation revealed that the same tool was breaking every time. The machine settings and operation were in accordance with the specifications and no other reason was found that would justify such a high number of breakages, so they tried a different source of tool procurement. The number of breakages of the part purchased from the new supplier was a quarter of the previous one.

By eliminating tool breakage, the machine downtime was reduced, which resulted in an immediate increase in machine efficiency.



The downtime reason manager module of the OEEm industrial data collection system helps to increase production efficiency by accurate data recording.


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