"Finding the golden mean while navigating the paths of technology is not a walk in the park. Do not suffer from progress, but also do not lose touch with humanity!" Péter Kecskés - CEO

Our Vision

Our vision is to create future eco-friendly and digitally optimized manufacturing processes, through which manufacturing companies can fully make their production activities transparent.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the benefits of full digitalization accessible to every manufacturing company, enabling them to optimize their production processes at the highest level.


Full Digitalization

Through full digitalization, we not only ensure transparency but also contribute to environmental goals by maximizing efficiency.

Sustainable Future

By minimizing unnecessary resources and energy consumption, manufacturing companies not only gain economically advantageous positions but also become responsible actors in building a sustainable future.

Ecological Footprint

These optimized manufacturing processes contribute to preserving our earth with the smallest ecological footprint, thereby aiding in the optimal use of our world and its long-term sustainability.

Our company is committed to creating the future of manufacturingby harmonizing technology and sustainability, where our efficient operations make product manufacturing not only business-wise successful but also gentle and forward-looking for our planet.

Milestones in OEEm's Life

Milestones in OEEm's Life Milestones in OEEm's Life Milestones in OEEm's Life


ISO 9001:2015
AAA Diamond

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Gábor Cser

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