Employee Standard vs. Defective Product

Employee Standard vs. Defective Product


Employee Standard vs. Defective Product

A rubber baking plant noticed an increase in the number of defective pieces. However, the circumstances "apparently" had not changed. No fault was found in the quality of the raw material, all parts of the machine were found to be in order, and the production process had not been modified.

What could be the reason for so many defective products?

The OEEm industrial data collection system was installed on the production machine, which records real-time data on cycle time (start-stop), baking time, and pressure and temperature values measured during production.

Result of the data analysis

It turned out that the baking times were shorter in the middle of the shifts, so the machine was not able to produce the product according to the specifications. The baking time can be adjusted with a button located on the side of the machine, which is easily accessible to the operator.


Change of standard

It is important to note that the company had switched to paying employees based on a standard before the number of defective pieces increased. With this in mind, the supervisor quickly realized that the workers were shortening the baking time in order to increase the number of pieces produced per shift. However, this resulted in them starting to produce defective products.



Since the machine was always set to the correct baking time during inspections, the cause of the production of defective products would probably not have been discovered without the introduction of the OEEm system. The data provided by the OEEm system also provided an excellent basis for incentive-based pay.

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