MEASURE your productivity

The OEEm provides a cutting edge technology to better understand production procedures and the products itself from start to finish. With this technology members of the management team will be able to make better decisions by analyzing the effectiveness of the procedures and determine the weak links in the production.

Target Audience

The main beneficiaries of the OEEm are companies with significant manual machining in their manufacturing.

These companies usually have 50-2000 employees or 5-350 million EUR annual revenue.


The OEEm system:

  • helps to identify areas in the production that might cause inefficiency (i.e.: machine idle time, non-compliance product analysis, cycle count measurement)
  • delivers real time production analysis
  • provides centralized platform with real time data for decision making
  • supports the quality management system with various production data


The result of the OEEm system is:

  • increased revenue
  • elimination of unnecessary production development
  • avoid extensive use of human resources

The direct benefit of these factors are increased SAVINGS and PROFIT!

OEEm System features

The OEEm harvests both the analog and the digital data directly from the machines.
The OEEm system provides production reports based on the data collected during the production process in a cloud based surface.
The system displays real time data on selected surfaces/screens.
The OEEm system is capable to modify any machines by entering data directly to the machines’ operating system.

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